The Implicit Driver Of Resilience: The Neuroscience of Self-Renewal

2022 SXSW PanelPicker Entry for “The Neuroscience of Self-Renewal” is now public. Please upvote: Technologies for achieving greater resilience have risen due to macroscopic shifts in climate change and societal disruptions that are worsening. In the inaugural #ResilienceTech Report, Maeda highlighted the industries built around how businesses, individuals, and countries meet these rising challenges. … Read more

Diagnosing Enterprise Resilience (2003)

Booz Allen Hamilton‘s eight fundamental questions to diagnose enterprise resilience: Are the complexity of the extended enterprise and major earnings drivers across it transparent? Are interdependencies understood and interdependence risks identified? What programs are in place to ensure the viability of earnings drivers? Are these programs fully aligned with corporate strategy and objectives, and do … Read more

After the 2022 report went live, new information flowed in

A few thoughts from readers that have caught my attention: Thanks to Noémie Balmat, I was introduced to the work of Edgar Morin Thanks to Pinar Temiz I’m aware of the “Tend-and-Befriend” response Thanks to Mara Hermano I’m aware of the new VUCA remix of BANI. VUCA (V:olatile, U:ncertain, C:omplex, A:mbiguous) vs BANI (B:rittle, A:nxious, … Read more

Fight-or-Flight is apparently a male-ism. Tend-and-Befriend brings a whole different view to light.

Apparently the famous “fight-or-flight” response is a conclusion that was gained from examining male rats. And it turns out that it might not apply the exact same way when it comes to female rats. Now, humans aren’t rats — so that’s another problem with the “fight-or-flight” thing for sure — but this (2000) paper has … Read more

4 Contexts of Resilience

“Interest in resilience is global …” —Buzzanell & Houston The five contexts: Individual/Relational Family Organizational Community National

Resilience Tech Startups Roundup

I’ve started a running list of startups out there in the space of resilience tech. Let’s see what bubbles up … Noting on an index of ventures that disaster category reveals 300 or so, and resilience category reveals 600 or so. I wonder what it is for “risk” … 2010 Planet Labs was founded in … Read more

DevOps and Resilience Engineering

Amy Tobey’s talk at Failover Conference in 2020 entitled, “The Future of DevOps is Resilience Engineering” is a good place to start if you’ve stumbled upon this space as “the place” where the future is likely to happen. It’s available on YT below, and you can read a terrific summary by Hannah Culver over on … Read more