Resilience Tech Startups Roundup

I’ve started a running list of startups out there in the space of resilience tech. Let’s see what bubbles up …

Noting on an index of ventures that disaster category reveals 300 or so, and resilience category reveals 600 or so. I wonder what it is for “risk” …


Planet Labs was founded in 2010. List of other satellite imaging companies is here.


In April 2018, a major storm hit Ontario, bringing torrential rain, an inch of ice and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. More than half a million people lost power. Within four days, Hydro One —Ontario’s largest distribution utility—restored power to its customers’ homes and businesses. By contrast, after a major storm in 2016, it took six days to restore power.

—WSJ “AI Helps Cities Predict Natural Disasters: New tools aim to forecast storm and earthquake damage, improving emergency response” notes MyCoast crowdsourced app in Scotland (2018)

California-based Upstream Tech uses satellite data and machine learning to show if a conservation project is delivering results. / Jupiter Intel’s models, satellite data and sensors help community planners, developers and city officials anticipate challenges such as sea level rise, erosion and impermeable pavement. / Coastal Risk Consulting is providing Florida property owners with actionable intelligence about flood risks. / A small Virginia company, Green Stream, is specializing in low-cost flood sensor networks that use ultrasound to track water levels in real time.

—Shannon Cunniff on climate resilience startups


 In 2018, The European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS), reported that wildfires have heavily affected Sweden, UK, Ireland, Finland and Latvia; countries in which wildfires have not been a concern in past years. Similarly, flooding has been occurring in places where it was not observed before such as regions around the Dead Sea in Jordan.”

—Maricel Sanchez
  • Tractable (AI that predicts repair costs)
  • I-React (funded by the EC to crowdsource disaster info)
  • Serinus (smart event comms platform)
  • Tenevia (image sensors monitor water levels)
  • Orora Technologies (sends nanosatellites into space)
  • Tsar AI by Opt/Net BV (uses geospatial data to gather info for emergency and disaster teams)
  • World form Space (drought and vegetation monitoring)
  • Tesselo (satellite imagery for actionable spatial intelligence)


… disaster and emergency-related companies have quadrupled since 2016 to more than $210 million last year.”

“Silicon Valley is making disaster preparedness a brand” by Michael J. Coren via Quartz examples cited One Concern, RapidSOS, Redfora (acq by Ethos Preparedness), Judy (raised $5M). Apps: Citizen, Harbor (fmr Headspace), and apps by FEMA and Red Cross


No quote here.”

List from

Physical Risk

Digital Risk

  • 6clicks
  • cyble
  • denexus
  • aware7
  • ByteChek
  • VISO trust
  • inspektre
  • fraction consulting
  • Risk Trade


  • spectrust


  • descartes underwriting
  • Atlas InsurTech
  • certificial


  • vcomply
  • omnistruct
  • tauruseer
  • mirato
  • onbord
  • grath
  • Zebra Software Ltd
  • 3rdRisk
  • Redwood Risk Management Solutions (RMaaS)
  • Fukusuke

Supply Chain

  • Contingent
  • Linkana


  • Reem Takaful


  • Concept Dairy

Financial Risk (there are many)

  • Amlyze
  • Riskmetrics
  • Anility

ESG 2021

Fresh from a $10M round, Plan A launches SaaS tool for ESG reporting aimed at startups/VCs

—TC on ESG startup Plan A

One Concern