What’s the difference between Tech Resilience and Resilience Tech?

If you flip the two words “resilience” and “tech,” you get two different interpretations. One can have more positive connotations than the other. Can you guess which way it goes?

  • Tech Resilience means trying to reduce your addiction to the digital sirens all around you that attempt to get your attention. That’s like … this blog post :+).
  • Resilience Tech means using technology to make yourself more resilient to anything in your environment: be that digital or physical. This report site is meant to do that for you :+).

Popular tech resilience gifts would include things like:

  1. A timed safe (Amazon referral link) in which to put your mobile devices so you don’t feel a need to check the latest post from your favorite celebrity.
  2. Using a meditation app to be able to center yourself and enable you to step away from your distractions. I recommend the simple Forest app to start.
  3. The fidget spinner genre has a newly updated version in stainless steel that is both pretty and sturdy. It uses ceramic bearings for a long lasting spin, too.

Looking for a few resilience tech gifts for the holiday season?

  1. A service for blocking unwanted people on your Twitter feeds using AI/ML — and yes, I use this service and can vouch for it. Plus Tracy Chou is the CEO of the venture!
  2. If you feel unsafe walking around at night, a well-designed handheld siren can give you a little more peace of mind. It draws attention to you fast and efficiently.
  3. When there’s flooding concerns around your house, it’s possible to fight water with water using a damming system that minimizes the progress of a flood.

I’d like to get back to adding to this post one day, if folks out there find it useful. —JM

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